Android apps
Android apps which are staling money.

There are many Android apps on the play store or Apple store which are very best to use. These apps give you benefit according to your need. Today we are going to tell you about those apps which are stealing your money and are designed especially for money purpose. These apps in the background get payment from the consumer credit or debit card. It means that these apps are deceiving the consumers.

Macafee mobile research team recently checked that a new campaign has been launched where approximately 15 Android apps are stealing the money of customer. When you check from the Play Store these Android apps are free to download and use but in the background, they are paid. The apps which are included in this category are Qrcode Scanner, Cut Ringtones 2018, and Despacito Ringtone.

This campaign is run by AsiaHitGroup gang. They are very busy in making money from consumers’ credit cards. This group is discovered in 2016. The targeted victims are in Thailand and Malaysia. This group is using a fake application installed called Solvay.

Later on, that group enhanced their working and targeted more countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Russia. During the adding of Wap billing, those customers used the same method to steal the money of consumers. This group secretly subscribed 20000 users to paid services.

The third campaign was started in 2018. They started making fake apps and got subscriptions of for paid apps from the victims. When these apps are installed they get payment from direct your mobile carrier.

Where Macafee got information about that fake application makers. They launched a complaint to different carriers and suddenly those apps have appeared from the Play Store.

Now the Asiagroup which launched those campaigns has started new fourth campaigns. Still, the apps are not discovered which are not staling the money of consumers. Consumers should check clearly the purpose of the app and they should be in a position to check why their credit card is being charged.


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