Cuba plane crash
cuba plane crash killed more than 100 people

‍There is a plane crash in Cuba killed more than 100 passengers. According to State media, A Boeing 737 passenger plane crashed near Jose Marti International Airport in Havana. Cuba Plane Crash killed 100. There were many disasters on this island before Cuba Plane Crash

Three passengers were pulled out of the wreckage in Cuba plane crash but they are seriously injured.

According to media reports the aircraft, which was on a domestic flight to Holguin in eastern Cuba, crashed shortly after taking off from Havana at 12:08 p.m.

Authorities said the plane, which was operated by Cubana de Aviacion, The plane was carrying 110 people, including six Mexican crew members.

According to the Chinese embassy, there was no Chinese in the flight.

The reason for the plane crashing is still not clear. “During take-off, the plane has apparently suffered a problem and dived to the ground,” the Mexican transport department said on their website.

We should not expect the good news from the crash as many people were killed in this plane crash,” President Miguel Diaz-Canel said in broadcast comments.

The country has decreed a two-day period of national mourning.

According to the Mexican government, This Boeing 737-201 was made in 1979 and leased by Cuban airline Cubana de Aviacion from a small Mexican firm Aerolineas Damojh.

The plane had been successfully inspected by engineers last November, said authorities.

Boeing Co said in a Twitter post: “We are aware of all news reports out of Cuba and are closely monitoring the situation.”

A Boeing technical team stands ready to assist and check what was actually happened as they are permitted under U.S law and at the direction of the US National Transportation Safety Board and Cuban authorities, said the company.

Major aeroplane crashes in Cuba 

Over the last 30 years, the island has seen four major plane crashes.

The most recent disaster occurred in April 2017.

In November 2010, an AeroCaribbean flight crashed when it was flying on the Santiago de Cuba to Havana route. All 68 people in that flight were killed, including 40 Cubans and 28 foreigners.

The most serious event happened in September 1989, when a plane was about to fly for Milan, Italy, crashed soon after taking off from Havana. All 115 passengers and 11 crew members, as well as dozens of people in the village where the plane landed, killed.


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