Apple iOS 12 problems
Apple iOS 12 issues

The Apple is an  American company which is making mobile phones and also designing new models to compete for the market. People like the Apple phones because of its grace and amazing features. Apple updates its software to give more access to new features to Apple lovers. Today we will tell you about Apple iOS 12 problems which are irritating many customers. We are sure that Apple will fix these problems in the next update. Apple iOS 12 problems are irritating to many customers.

Display problem

Many people on Reddit have reported that after installing iOS 12, the display on their mobile phones looks like off. It seems that the colors washed out. Many people said that this issue affects the iPhone X the most, which is a big problem because the iPhone X was the first iPhone with an OLED display. The  OLED displays are known for their bright colors. Right now the issue is not resolved but The customers believe that Apple will fix this issue in the next update.

Bluetooth problem

After updating to the new version customers complained that the Bluetooth has disappeared from the status bar. Simply the Bluetooth is not working on a new update. Many customers complain about Apple iOS 12 problems.

The most common Apple iOS 12 problems are while updating iPhone or iPad it is unable to check for update. The users are unable to check what is the new update available.


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