OLED display
The new apple iPhoneX with OLED display

In 2019 the most Latest Apple OLED screen’s mobile phones may lose one of its features in 2019

A report published in Korean news source ETNews quotes stating the company has started planning to introduce its 2019 iPhone range and has introduced OLED screen for, “all three models.” The new of three different iPhone models means an additional new phone will join the old iPhone and iPhone Plus models. Currently, Apple is selling the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

The iPhone X is the first mobile phone to use an OLED screen, and its performance is superb. It’s also a reason that its price is very high. The OLED screen is not the basic reason for its high price. According to the world news, In the future, the customers should not expect the iPhone will give the cheap price of any phone. The customer should expect higher prices in the future.

The introduction of Latest Apple OLED screen is not only the rumor. We’re hearing about the 2019 iPhone already in many news. discussions of  3D sensing and also the triple-lens camera arriving on at least one model has also started.

Samsung, LG, and many other manufacturers are using OLED for phones today, and there’s no reason for this to decrease in use of OLED in the future. Samsung and LG are also the world’s top makers of OLED screens.

For now, Apple’s OLED plans are rumors and still haven’t been confirmed by the iPhone company. In the future, they may change the features of OLED.


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