Nigerian Suicide blasts
Nigerian Suicide attack killed more than 60 pep[;e

Nigerian Suicide Blasts

The suicide bomber in Nigerian Suicide Blasts killed more than 60 people at a mosque and at a market.The blast was done in the Nigerian town of Mubi on Tuesday.

The Blast was carried out by young boys at 1:00 p.m local time of Nigeria.There were totally two blasts which were done by young boys.The first Blast was done inside the mosque.

The second bomber exploded the bomb next to the cloth market outside the same mosque.

An official from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), said that according to the assessment with the police and the Red Cross found that 26 people were killed and 56 were injured. 11 people of them are in critical condition.

The medical general hospital told to the news reported that they have received 37 bodies.

However, according to two local residents who attended funerals of the victims said they saw more than 68 bodies in the funeral and more bodies were being brought by families of the victims.

Musa Bello, who is the head of the Mubi North local government area, said Boko Haram, a militant group emerging from northeastern Nigeria, was responsible for the suicide blasts.

Mubi has been repeatedly targeted and attacked again and again because of group emerging from northeastern Nigeria.

Last Thursday, at least four people were killed when suicide attacked to storm the Borno state capital.

The hospital staff was unable to attend the victims completely as they were in protest because of their salary problem.

People also told to the media that the second bomber also blew himself in front of the mosque.

The Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari has been in the US this week and met his US counterpart, Donald Trump. He also tried to get support to vanish terrorism in Nigeria.

Some rescue workers told that 42 dead bodies were taken to the hospital in their presence.




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