Your precious Pixel Buds likely end up damaged when they don’t have sturdy cases. The Nomad Rugged Case for Pixel Buds offers a stylish solution to keep your wireless earphones protected for years. In one single purchase, you resolve the perennial problem of costly earbud replacements.

Product Features

The two-piece Rugged Case features a LED light indicator to avoid overcharging problems and a detachable lanyard to strap the gadget around your wrist.

It uses the high-quality American Brown Horween leather, made even more stylish with a rugged patina and more solid with a protective microfiber lining interior.

This Nomad case comes in a classic and bold rustic color that is versatile and compact. It is specific for Pixel Earbuds, so you are guaranteed zero problems with fit.


This stylish case costs around $30 is a value purchase. The compact design allows users to carry the case anywhere without taking up much space. It’s an essential gear for all music lovers. The light tube in the front further protects your Pixel Earbuds from overcharging damage. The sturdy construction of this two-piece case passes on higher consumer savings as it lasts longer than other cases.


The case only offers a single color for the time being. If you wish for a catchier color, then consider a DIY redesign project on top of the original case color. Also, not many users are a big fan of leather, albeit it’s a classic and sophisticated material. Some other users find the size too small that they easily misplace the case. The great thing is that Nomad provides you a strap so you can attach this rugged case onto another accessory or around your wrist.

If you don’t want further troubles losing or damaging your wireless Bluetooth earbuds, don’t settle for anything less than the design and quality provided by the Nomad Rugged Case for Pixel Buds.