If you’re planning on heading out on an adventure, hopefully not one fraught with danger, surly elves, and the hoarding dragons, you need the backpacking gear to keep your entire hiking life inside. This doesn’t just include the best backpacking backpacks, but also the best backpacking tents, because it’s not all about walking through mazing trails and taking pictures of the scenery.

You also need somewhere to sleep, too, and a backpacking tent is much better than fashioning a makeshift shelter from leaves, string, and fallen logs even if you could do it, anyway. Top quality backpacking tents are lightweight enough to not bog you down as you strive to reach the summit and keep your backpack light and comfortable, but they’re also durable and reliable enough to withstand the many environments and conditions you’re likely to encounter.

Whether you’re taking a short weekend trip to your favorite secluded backpacking spot or embarking on a long trek you’ll talk about for years to come, we’ve found a selection of backpacking tents we think will be exactly what you need.

The Best Backpacking Tent

Coleman Dome Backpacking Tent