The dog days are just around the corner! Warmer weather and clearer skies are about to come and they call for outdoorsy activities, venturing through unbeaten paths, going for long walks, runs or hikes, and taking in as much fresh air and sun as possible.

It is essential when embarking on these open-air adventures, to be wearing the right gear. Proper comfy or technical clothing will make movement easier and more comfortable, while the appropriate shoes will protect the feet during prolonged walks.

But one of the most critical accessories you’ll need when outside is exceptional eye protection from UVA and UVB rays. To cover this essential step, before heading out, there are some top-notch, high-quality hiking sunglasses that will most definitely safeguard your vision while cutting the glare and reducing eye-strain.

Let’s take a look here at the best hiking sunglasses available and their main characteristics.

The Best Hiking Sunglasses

DUCO Sports Polarised UV Protection Hiking Sunglasses