Hunting is as much a part of human existence as eating is. In fact, our ancestors had to hunt in order to survive. Humans have been hunters and gatherers since the dawn of time and it is an activity that is more recreational than a necessity these days.

In order to be a good hunter, you need to have the right equipment. A hunting rifle or bow and arrow is one thing, but no self-respecting hunter will ever set out on an expedition without a good hunting knife. Another trait for a respectable hunter is being mindful of hunting ethics. This means an animal will only be killed if is attacking the hunter or for food. This doesn’t mean filling your freezer for the next six months, but bagging one beast and sharing it with your fellow hunters.

This is where the hunting knife comes in. The animal that has just been shot needs to prepared and readied for transporting home. This involves removing the skin and internal organs to slow down the decaying process so your meat stays fresh enough before it can be properly stored in your deep freezer, or cooked. The best hunting knives will help you quickly butcher the beast so you and your fellow hunters can take your game meat home and prepare something special for your next dinner party.

The Best Hunting Knife

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