You’ll surely remember mechanical pencils from your school days and at the time they were a cool gimmick you loved for a couple of weeks and then discarded when you ran out of lead refills. But maybe it’s time you wolfed down school day nostalgia and got back on that train. The best mechanical pencil is more comfortable and more reliable than your standard and brittle lead pencils, and they look much cooler, more suave, and way more professional, too.

Much like the best pens for work, mechanical pencils are ideal for taking that next step towards achieving what you keep finding excuses to put off. Whether you work in an office, whether you’re an artist, or if you need something to jot down notes for potential posts to plan on starting a blog this year, a notebook is always necessary, but you’ll not get anything onto the paper without the proper writing tool.

Best Mechanical Pencils

Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drafting Mechanical Pencil