Being able to see at night is something we mere mortals aren’t very adept at. Sure, we can see shadows and shapes, but that’s pretty much it. Granted, there aren’t many occasions where we need to see in the dark, but if you hike, camp or hunt with any regularity, improved night vision is a definite bonus.

The first devices that made it possible to see in the dark were made in the 1930s in Germany. For decades, these were only used in the military. They cost a small fortune and were quite cumbersome. As society advanced in technology, night vision devices were designed to be smaller and although some are still quite expensive, they are now also available in cheaper models for the general public. The best night vision binoculars will make your outdoor life a lot easier, and may even give you an edge in the urban jungle.

The Night Vision Binoculars

Occer 12×25 Compact Night Vision Binoculars