Not so long ago, to have something printed you had to physically go to a professional printer or have one come to you. Then you had to provide them with a mock-up of what you needed done, have the printers design team make a sample for your approval and then wait for everything to be completed. If photographs were needed, that meant taking film to a print shop to be developed and printed. Technological advances made this process easier as we could deliver mock-ups and communicate with printers via email. Apart from making this process easier, it was also time efficient.

It didn’t take long before businesses and personal users all got their own printers. This made the task a lot easier but there were still times when on the spot printing involved everything being connected to a computer and an electrical power connection. Portable printers are now a huge benefit to those who find they need to print on the go. They are perfect for business people wanting to be able to print materials on the go and photographers have definitely found them to be advantageous for big events like weddings, birthdays and other celebrations as they can offer printed photos in a matter of minutes. There are unlimited reasons for having a portable printer and if you’re constantly on the go, the best portable printers will make your life easier and let you get more done with less downtime.

The Best Portable Printer

Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Portable Printer