Cleaning the shower is one of those household chores nobody wants to do. Those tiles that once sparkled like new, now look dull and lifeless and the glass? Let’s not even go there. It makes you wonder why people spend so little time in the shower and when you look at all those spots and streaks on the glass and tiles, you know why. They can’t bear to look at those marks so they quickly get themselves clean and get out.

If you’ve ever wondered why your shower is so quick to become a spotty mess, the answer is quite simple. Water is full of minerals and when you leave water on the surfaces in your shower, the water evaporates leaving the dried minerals. Leave these spots on long enough and when you finally do muster up the courage to clean the shower, you can expect to spend a whole lot of time spraying various shower cleaners and attacking the mess with a whole lot of elbow grease.

The solution to this age-old problem is a low-tech device called a squeegee. This simple cleaning tool with its rubber head isn’t just used by roadside windscreen washers. It is incredibly useful in the shower. All it takes is a few seconds when you’re done showering to quickly remove the water, soap, and minerals to leave your shower sparkling clean after every showering. When you get rid of these elements after showering, they can’t evolve into soap scum and water stains. Here are some of the best shower squeegees to keep your shower clean and making cleaning day a little less of an irritation.

The Best Shower Squeegee

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Shower Squeegee