Cold Shower Benefits For Men

We’ve all been there before – enjoying a lovely warm shower one second, and then shuddering and yelping the next thanks to a warm water outage. Although a lot of you may see cold showers as a negative thing, we believe that it’s time to break the stereotype and unleash the benefits of them. Sure, they might not be the most relaxing of experiences, but what if we told you that by having a cold shower, you would be improving your mental and physical health? Let us explain…

man taking a shower

1. Adrenaline = Energy

There are two things which help you wake up in the morning – a shower and some instant coffee. However, if you still find yourself struggling as you get on with your day, then switch the cold tap on and watch as your body gets pumped with adrenaline. No more sleepy starts again!

2. Recovery For Muscles

If you’ve ever damaged a muscle before or watched the sports channel for too long, then cold baths will be familiar. Ice baths and cold showers are recognized for improving blood circulation, meaning their chill will help your muscles to recover and/or repair quickly. As well as this, you can purchase body wash which helps your muscles to relax, so combining this with a cold shower will keep you at the epitome of pure relaxation.

man in the shower

3. Increased Testosterone

What’s more masculine than taking an ice-cold shower every day? Only the bravest will do so. That’s an ego boost in itself, but heat is also known for damaging testosterone production, and we doubt you want that to happen.

4. Strengthens Your Hair

Your shampoo of choice and a cold shower will be a dynamic duo. Washing your hair with cold water will reduce the risk of damage to hair follicles, leaving you with a full head of shiny hair for years to come.

young man taking a shower

5. Better Mental Health

If you find yourself in deep thought while in the middle of a warm shower, then you really aren’t helping your mental health. To encourage positive chemical reactions in your brain, give yourself a cold shower. This will cause (minimal) shock to the body and get the positive brain activity pumping!

6. Weight Loss

Believe it or not, cold showers can aid in weight loss. The colder your body gets, the more it’s going to try and burn through energy to keep warm. As a result of this, you will be burning all those nasty calories away and giving yourself a mini-workout without having to move a single muscle!

young man in the shower

7. Improves Skin

Before you get in a cold shower, wash your face with warm water and facial cleansers so that your pores get a deep clean. When you get in the shower, however, crank up the coldness so that your pores can close and no more nasty oils can get in. Exposing your face to warm environments for long periods will result in oily and itchy skin, so the cold refresh will be sure to help.

8. Higher Immunity

Are you always wondering why you seem to end up a victim of man flu? Well, thanks to cold showers, you won’t have to worry anymore. Through the help of a cold shower, your body will be motivated to produce more white blood cells, which help you to fight diseases. The more you incorporate a cold shower into your routine, the better immunity you’ll have!

back view of the man in the shower

9. Stress Management

Having a cold shower at the beginning of a busy day will help you deal with whatever is thrown at you accordingly. While your body is soaking up the cold water, the nervous system will be trying to deal with the stressful conditions. The more often you have cold showers, the more resilient you will become to all types of stress.

10. Boosts Blood Circulation

Lastly, cold showers are excellent for boosting circulation. This may sound dramatic, but your body will be rushing blood to the areas which are lacking warmth. You might know you’re under no threat, but your body will be going into survival mode in an attempt to keep you alive. Thanks to this, your blood circulation will be getting some pretty good training whenever you have a cold shower. You’ll be in safe hands if you were to ever encounter any real danger.

man holding a shower

Have You Got What It Takes?

We understand that cold showers aren’t exactly the most comfortable of experiences, but with so many benefits waiting to improve your daily life, there really is no harm in giving them a go. We recommend starting off with quick cold showers in the morning to start your day. Once your body has somewhat got used to the intense chill, you will be able to replace all warm evening showers with cold, too. Be sure to let us know how you get on!