Reasons To Carry A Multitool Or Knife

What kid didn’t love to fiddle with his dad’s Swiss Army Knife? I mean, that thing had more hidden tools than most tool boxes. A few decades ago, almost every kid, especially in country areas, had his own multi-tool or a simple pocket knife. As much as it was just a thing a kid wanted to have, it was often a necessity. It would be necessary to cut branches, wires or a snagged fishing line.

As kids grow up, there appreciation for these simple gadgets increased. It was the essential tool to take hiking, camping or fishing. Multi-tools have come a long way and are a handy piece of equipment on jobsites as well as recreational activities. While you may definitely benefit from having one with you when you head out into the wilderness, let’s look at 10 reasons you should carry a multi-tool or knife, no matter where you go.

a multitool

1. Convenience

Whether you’re at work or play, the unexpected can, and usually does, happen. You may need to cut yourself out of a tangle of fishing lines or you’ve been caught up in some vines and need a tool to chop them away. The convenience of carrying a multi-tool or knife ensures you have a tool with you to take care of any pesky problems you find yourself in.

2. Efficiency

When you’re out and about, there is nothing more efficient than having a multi-tool in your pocket or backpack for work. Simply choose the function you need and do what needs to be done. There is no searching for the right tool because this one tool has everything you need. In a pinch, a good pocket knife is also good to have around.

a multitool on the wooden table

3. It’s Portable

There is nothing more exhausting than carrying a heavy and cumbersome box of tools and implements with you when you are hiking. It’s even worse when you need to carry such a box all day, every day at work. The portability of a mutli-tool or a pocket knife is one of its best features. You can literally take it with you anywhere.

4. Size Doesn’t Matter

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to tools and a pocket knife or a multi-tool are proof of that. When folded, these little tools fit neatly in the palm of your hand, but that won’t inhibit you from being able to do the odd job that much larger tools usually perform. This miniscule size also means you have more control over the tool so you can maneuver it in tiny spaces. Unless you have really big hands.

a multitool on the ground

5. Many Different Uses

The uses for a multi-tools and pocket knives are endless. You can use them as screwdrivers, bottle openers, to cut barbs and splinters, clean fish, tighten wires and bolts and a whole lot more. You may find yourself struggling to open a tin of food because the ring pull broke off. In normal circumstances, that would mean going hungry or finding something else to eat. With a multitool or knife, you can pry open the edge of the tin, before removing the lid completely. Bon Apetit. The fish you just reeled in really took to the fishing hook. No problem. Just cut it out with the knife feature of your multitool. There is so much you can do with this one little tool.

6. Open Things

Apart from opening tins of food, you can also open bottles, pry open jars or pull out a broken cork that is stuck in a wine bottle. Just because you may be outdoors doesn’t mean you need to be without some of your creature comforts. If you can pry it loose with a multi-tool or knife, you can eat, drink and be merry.

person holding a folding knife

7. Safety

Most cities around the world are perfectly safe and you can walk around at any time of the day or night. However, even with a good level of safety, there are places that are best avoided when night falls. If you find yourself walking through such an area, you’ll probably feel safer knowing you have this concealed little weapon on your person. The simple act of having a little extra security will give you an air of confidence and you’ll look a lot less like a soft target.

8. Adaptability

Multi-tools and knives are definitely handy and the various tools don’t necessarily need to be used for just the one purpose. It is their very adaptability that makes them such a popular item to have on hand. As an example, the knife can be used as a can opener, screwdriver, brush cutter and to perform many more applications. They are also adaptable in many different situations for work, recreation or in case of emergency.

multi purpose knife

9. Remove Or Tighten Tiny Screws

Some of our everyday items are held together by tiny little screws. One example of this are reading glasses or sunglasses. From time to time, these tiny screws can come loose or fall out completely. While most households probably have a screwdriver set, very few have a screwdriver for such tiny screws. You can use the knife in a multi-tool or the tip of your pocket knife to tighten those tiny loose screws whether they are on your glasses, garage door remote or even some of your kids’ toys.

10. Plain Old Cutting

There is nothing worse than being at a picnic or barbecue and trying to cut a steak with plastic disposable cutlery. The plastic knife, in particular usually breaks before you’ve cut your first piece of steak. Having a multi-tool or a pocket knife on hand ensures you get to eat your steak without looking like a cave dweller. You may also want to share some fruit with your companions and the best way to do so is to cut the fruit in nice, neat slices. Just because a multi-tool can be used for a lot of intricate, precision jobs, doesn’t mean you can’t use it for a really simple one.

Before you start walking around with a multi-tool or pocket knife as you go about your daily business, check the laws in your area to make sure this hand pocket device doesn’t land you in a whole heap of trouble.