Water is the most important of all elements and we certainly need it to function and survive. While spending time engaging in outdoor activities is the best way to spend the warmer months, dehydration is a dangerous reality if we’re not prepared. This is why you’ll never see any self-respecting hiker or athlete without a water bottle nearby.

While having a bottle of water with you during any activity is essential, it can be a huge let down when you take a gulp of water from your bottle and find it anything but refreshing. Sure, it may still be adequate at hydrating you, but warm water is anything but pleasant to drink.

The solution to this age-old problem is to carry your water in an insulated water bottle. A good insulated water bottle will be your best friend when you head outdoors for some fun in the sun but the best insulated water bottles will ensure the first gulp of water you take will be as cool and refreshing as the last.

The Best Insulated Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel & Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle