It’s time to keep the steel as sharp as you are. You’re after the best knife sharpener for your kitchen to keep that cutlery razor sharp, for your pocket knives to keep them camping-ready, and maintain the edge on those tools. With these top twelve knife sharpeners, accompanied by our in-depth guide on every single aspect that you need to know about your new sharpener, your guests are going to think you’ve got a hidden culinary degree under your belt.

It’s not just about being a show-stopper though; investing in high-quality knives isn’t a choice you make on a whim. Depending on the edge, finish and bevel, there’s extra care and more precision that’s required. As a rule of thumb, if you can find it in overpopulated department stores, there’s a good chance it’s not going to quite make the cut. I couldn’t do this without at least one pun, you know? Let’s jump into it.

The Best Knife Sharpener

Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker Knife Sharpener