18 Drama, Crime, Sci-Fi, and Family TV Shows to Stream and Binge

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18 Drama, Crime, Sci-Fi, and Family TV Shows to Stream and Binge

We’re grateful for: TV. This is what we’re watching—how about you?


Miriam Maisel is a wealthy housewife who lives in on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her husband, Joel, and two kids. When Miriam realizes her lifelong talent for comedy, it rocks the stability of her relationships and comfortable life. The show touches on gender politics and Jewish culture while also delivering wildly funny scenes—Miriam’s grumpy father, played by Tony Shalhoub, has numerous delightful outbursts throughout and Miriam’s stand-up is as relatable as it is comical. The show is light, and the plot doesn’t require too much concentration, but the acting is incredible and has won the show and its cast numerous awards, including the Golden Globe for best comedic television series three years in a row. Season four will air at the end of 2020.

  • <em>Love Is Blind</em>“></a>
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    Yep: Strangers of opposite sex, who are placed in rooms with dividing walls, attempt to date one another. They see the other’s face only if they propose to them. The question—is love truly blind?—is really an afterthought to the entertaining drama that unfolds as the couples fall in love, meet in person, live together, and approach their wedding dates. Even if you’re not a reality TV fan, this show makes for great group text conversation.

  • <em>Flight of the Conchords </em>“></a>
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    Musical comedy from an awesome New Zealand duo trying to make it in NYC and dealing with dating, jobs, renting, evictions, love, and getting mugged. There are two seasons out and you can also listen to the associated albums.

  • <em>Ugly Delicious</em>“></a>
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    Through travel, tastings, and celebrity interviews, David Chang leads us through an anthropologic probing of the authenticity, cultural history, and just straight deliciousness of popular dishes, from the kids’ menu to curry. Season two is just four episodes. In each one, Chang suggests that delicious food is a dynamic cultural pursuit—and it isn’t always pretty.

  • <em>The Good Place</em>“></a>
<h3><a href=The Good Place

    Kristen Bell plays Eleanor Shellstrop, a selfish saleswoman who unexpectedly ends up in the Utopian afterlife called “the good place,” where she tries to hide her past and become more ethical. The ridiculous premise of the show fades into a new normal with the insanely clever and hilarious writing. The comedy addresses some deep themes: what it means to be good, what it means to be human, and what paradise would look like.