Politics. Pandemics. Finances. There are plenty of reasons to be anxious! Help is on the way for the anxious, though, as studies continue to show that CBD has promise in addressing the symptoms of anxiety. Sometimes anxiety sets in rapidly, so it’s important to have a fast, convenient way of getting some CBD into your system. CBD gummies taste great, and, since they take a while to chew and dissolve, they promote sublingual absorption of CBD. Studies show that the sublingual (under the tongue) route is a faster and more efficient way to get CBD into the body.

For the especially rattled, leading CBD brands offer gummies that mix the anxiety-relieving properties of cannabidiol with other functional ingredients to soothe the symptoms of anxiety. The InStash team nervously munched our way through a variety of CBD gummies to find the best 5 CBD gummies to treat anxiety.

Best Calming CBD Gummy

Charlottes Web – CBD Gummies: Calm