How To Make Camping More Comfortable

One of the reasons why some folks don’t like camping is that they will have to sacrifice some of the comforts of modern life. There are no plush and comfortable mattresses or a hot shower in the wilderness. For some, this also means giving up ice-cold drinks and delicious treats for something more rustic and ordinary. However, camping doesn’t have to be very uncomfortable. There are plenty of ways you can make your stay in the great outdoors more meaningful and more pleasant, too. We’ve got 6 amazing tips for you to do just that.

camping by a mountain lake

1. Choose The Right Tent

One of the things you can do to make your camping more comfortable is to pick the right tent. If you’re camping on your own, solo tents are excellent choices. If you’re going with a friend or a group, then choosing a large camping tent with a larger capacity is ideal.

But then, size is not the only determinant that you’ll have to consider. You’ll also have to think about the weather conditions in the place where you’re going to camp. There are tents that are perfect for spring, summer, and fall. Such tents come with mesh panels that allow for sufficient airflow. These are lightweight, too. There are also 3-season tents that are wind-resistant and may provide warmth on cold nights.

Four-season tents are the best for all-season camping. These are heavy-weight tents that can give you optimum warmth despite the harshest weather conditions. Most people call these tents mountaineering tents because of their sturdiness amidst harsh environments.

a tent for camping

 2. Pick A Great Bed For Camping

It’s one thing to have a great tent to protect you from the wind, moisture, and insects at night. It’s a different matter to have a soft, cushiony, and comfortable bed to lie on after a tiring day on the trail. You have at least three choices for a great camping bed.

First are camping cots. These are folding beds that keep you elevated from the ground. It’s like your conventional bed, complete with a platform to lay on and feet to keep the resting platform above ground. These come in different levels of firmness, but are highly valued for their tear-resistant properties.

The second is a sleeping pad. You can choose from a self-inflating type or one that you have to inflate yourself. There is also a closed-cell foam sleeping pad that does away with the pumping. The only downside to such a camping bed is that it can be quite stiff.

Your third option is a camping mattress. This is similar to a sleeping pad, except that it is thicker or higher. This raises the sleeping platform a few inches from the ground surface so you will not feel chilly. It’s more comfortable, too.

3. Consider A Comfy Sleeping Bag

If you happen to go camping in an environment where the temperature can drop to below freezing, you’ll want to get an appropriate sleeping bag. These camping gears come with different temperature ratings. It is, therefore, best to check the ratings of each sleeping contraption that you wish to buy.

If you’re camping in early spring all the way to autumn, a good sleeping bag is one with a temperature rating of between 5 and 29 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you’re heading in high-altitude campsites or super-cold places, then a sleeping bag with a temperature rating of – 40 to 4ºF is best.

For the summer or in places where it’s warm, you don’t need such ratings. A sleeping bag with a 30 to 55 ºF temperature rating will suffice. The good thing about these gears is that they are lighter than cold-weather gears. That’s an additional comfort for you.

sleeping bags

4. Soften Up Your Night Light At The Camp

Part of getting comfortable during camping is having the right kind of light. Conventional camping lanterns can be too bright, preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. A better approach will be to use an LED camping lantern that comes with a built-in dimming feature. If you want it super-bright, then crank it up. If you want a softer, mellower night light, then you can always fine-tune the brightness of the LED light.

A good alternative is to bring an opaque bottle of water. You may want to pick a bottle or a gallon that is white in color. Fill this up with water and seal the lid. Wrap this in front of your light source. The water and the white color of the container will help soften the light coming from your lantern. You’ll feel more comfortable sleeping this way.

 5. Get Ready For Some Chill Time

There are many activities that you can do when you go camping. You can hike the trails or go fishing at a nearby pond, lake, or river. Some may try their luck on hunting. Whatever your adventures are, it’s always best to include some chill time on your camping trip.

And what better way to do this than by lying in your own little paradise? You can bring a folding camping chair so you’ll never have to sit on a rock or tree stump. For the perfect siesta, it will serve you best if you get one of those durable and easy-to-install camping hammocks.

a camping hammock

6. Make A Cozy Camp Kitchen

Get your portable cooler ready and fill it with your favorite beverages and cold cuts. Be sure to choose a cooler that can retain icy temperatures for as long as possible. There are products that offer fascinating solutions for keeping your food items cool and fresh.

And when it comes to concocting your meals in the campsite, you can go modern or the old way. Most campers are not ashamed to bring their own camping stove complete with cooking utensils and mess kit. Bring a pocket multi-tool EDC so you can process your food a lot easier.

Camping should never be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Adhering to these 6 simple yet amazing tips can give you a more pleasant camping experience.


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