6 Beach-Body Secrets for a Smooth Bikini Line and Glowy Skin

A smooth, itchless bikini line that looks all but Photoshopped is actually easier to get than you think. No matter the texture of your hair, removing it—whether you wax, thread, or even laser—doesn’t have to lead to bumps, redness, itchiness, or ingrowns.

The bikini-line essentials in the below routine from Fur (a female-founded brand that’s cracked the code on modern hair-removal products) are soothing, bump-discouraging, and clean and nontoxic—and they’re brilliant even if you don’t remove hair at all. Made with skin-smoothing botanical extracts and calming oils, they also work better than any of the conventional bikini-line solutions we’ve tried. And trust: We’ve tried a lot.

  1. 1

  2. Soothe Your Skin

    This jojoba-infused stubble cream is such an itch-obliterating miracle that we actually bring it with us to the waxing salon (and of course keep it at home for shaving, too). Beyond soothing irritated skin, it helps prevent shaving bumps, as well as soften regrowth. Smooth it on immediately after waxing or shaving or before bed so it can work go to work while you sleep. It’s just as brilliant for underarms, legs, happy trails, even the face—it’s truly life-changing if hair removal ever bothers your skin at all.

  3. Fur Stubble Cream

    Stubble Cream
    goop, $38

  1. Fur Oil

    Fur Oil
    goop, $46

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  3. Moisturize Skin and Hair

    Moisturizing skin, whether it’s your face, body, or bikini line, leaves it plump, healthy, and less prone to irritation. Conditioning the bikini area with a hydrating oil (this one is light enough to melt in without clogging pores) can make a huge difference in terms of eliminating bumps and ingrowns. The jojoba-and-grape-seed base is supercharged with tea tree oil and clary sage. Smooth it onto your pubic hair and skin a few times a week (it also works on any area you want to remove hair from). Because the oil has a softening effect, it makes waxing a lot less painful—just use it the night before.

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  2. Exfoliate Regularly

    Regularly exfoliating your face ensures it’s healthy and glowy and keeps your pores clear and unclogged. The same principle applies to the bikini area. Using a gentle scrub to sweep away dead skin cells lessens the chance of ingrowns. This scrub is specifically designed to treat the bikini line and exfoliates with a combination of gentle jojoba beads and lactic acid. It’s gentle enough to use daily in the shower, ensuring that the next time you shave, wax, thread, or even laser, your skin is left flawless and silky.

    Pro tip: If you’re shaving, a sharp (as in, one pass should suffice) blade makes a world of difference. The friction of going over the area multiple times inevitably leads to irritation, as does the pressure you need to exert when you use a dull blade. Shaving in the direction of the hair growth can also help minimize ingrowns.

  3. Fur Silk Scrub

    Silk Scrub
    goop, $48

  1. Bonus: Body-Glow Essentials

    and the Perfect Bikini

    Now that you’ve got your bikini area perfected and can laze, cartwheel, and yoga
    it up on the beach with abandon, there’s the rest of your body to think of.

    1. Body-Glow Lotion

      Pure magic on every skin type, this light, hydrating lotion uses light-reflecting minerals to add the sexiest subtle sheen to skin. We’re particularly obsessed with it for shiny, gleamy legs. For real, omg.

    2. goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Body Luminizer

      goop Beauty
      GOOPGLOW Body Luminizer
      goop, $48

    3. Self-Tanner

      If you want some color, this ingenious tanning water conjures a gorgeous, sun-warmed burnish. Plus it’s clear, so you can literally roll around in white sheets after applying it with zero consequences.

    4. Vita Liberata Invisi Foaming Tan Water

      Vita Liberata
      Invisi Foaming Tan Water
      goop, $39

  1. The Bikini of the Summer

    Just the right amount of skimpy, stretchy, and wildly flattering, this bikini is the perfect cut—and the perfect olive-green shade—to show off gorgeous, glowy skin, not to mention your new smooth-as-silk bikini line.

  2. G. Label V Bikini Top in Olive

    G. Label
    V Bikini Top
    goop, $170

  3. Low-Rise Bikini Briefs in Olive

    G. Label
    Low-Rise Bikini Briefs
    goop, $150