There is nothing pleasant about being in a dark place, unless that dark place is in the safe confines of your home. While we all like to get behind the safety of our safe and locked doors before the sun goes down, it’s not always practical or possible. Besides, much of the fun places to go are best after dark.

Living in crowded cities means lots of people practically living on top of each other. While most people are decent, law abiding citizens, a handful are not. Every city has its bad element and this minority make life challenging for the rest of us. Media headlines are full of reports of assaults, pickpockets and muggings. So, what can we ordinary citizens do? One thing that criminals often rely on is to be able to commit their crimes under the cover of darkness. We see it at university parking lots, along city streets and even suburban parks. It seems there is always an area somewhere that street lights can’t quite illuminate enough, if at all.

The answer to staying and feeling safe is to have a self defense flashlight. These compact flashlights fit neatly into bags or pockets, ready to light a path for you when you need visibility. The best self-defense flashlights are great to have on hand and have a few added features to keep you safe when you’re out after dark.

The Best Self Defense Flashlight

J5 Tactical V1-PRO Self Defense Flashlight