The AM FM Battery Operated Portable Pocket Radio is the perfect buy for people who are looking for a radio that does not rely on electricity, just in case there are power outages. It is also a great idea for camping or for a no-smartphone and no-tablet trip. While the majority of am fm radio products have died out over the years, people are realizing their value again.

Compared to more expensive technology, a portable radio like this can actually last on its 2 AA batteries for weeks. It is a great backup or even a main option when you are going places with no electricity so that you can preserve the batteries on your smartphone or tablet.

This portable am fm radio, because of its simple purpose, is small and handy. It is very easy to use, too, as it only has an on/off button and the telescoping antenna. A mono earphone jack is also on hand if you need it. It comes with a carrying strap for your convenience.

Customers love its simplicity and how it still meets the need to be able to hear music or news when the power is out or when you are outdoors. The speaker can fill your campsite with your favorite music as well. But what fans are raving about is this pocket radio’s sensitivity. Many older radios can only pick up certain stations but this little device has a great connection even in dead zones. Some customers say the range is as good as a digital car radio. For such a small, portable device, this is quite impressive.

Another huge plus is the battery it uses. Older radios used a 9V one, which is definitely more complicated to find compared to the standard AA batteries. In the rare case you do run out, it will be easier to find a replacement around the house.

While the clientele for this product is not as varied (either those living in remote areas or into retro-gadgets), it should be a standard in every home, just in case of emergency.