Amazon 2nd Generation Smart speaker
Amazon 2nd Generation Smart speaker

Save $20.00 with Amazon 2nd Generation Smart speaker with Alexa.

Amazon 2nd Generation Smart speaker is a handsfree speaker which has the ability to controlled by your voice. These speakers can be connected with Alexa and you can make calls, messages and ask questions by your voice. These speakers have the ability to hear you across the room.

  1. Echo connects to Alexa to play the audio of any type, make calls, set alarms and timers and ask questions.
  2. Just ask for a song, artist, you can play music on many compatible Echo devices in many rooms. Echo can also play audiobooks and other audio files.
  3. Make Calls or send messages to almost anyone hands-free through your Echo device. Also, you can connect to other Echo devices in your house using just your own voice.
  4. With a lot of handsfree and noise cancellation, Echo listen to you from any direction even while Audio or video is playing
  5. Just ask Alexa to check weather, traffic, and calendar, and sports scores manage to-do and shopping lists, control your lights, thermostats, garage doors and house doors, sprinklers, and more

Alexa is always been getting smarter and adding new features for you. Just ask Alexa to control your LED, request a pizza and many other things you want.

Use echo to switch off your Tv or Lamp before getting out of your bed. You just need to ask Alexa to turn on your Tv or Lights. you can make your volume high or low by using your voice command.

Hands-free calling and messaging

With echo- You can make calls or send messages to anyone without tapping the mobile screen. If you want your kids to go on the bed at the same time so you just need to set commands on Alexa even you don’t need to speak. The announcements of Alexa shall work for you.

Seven Microphones are used in this speaker for the cancellation of noise.





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