Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone is the world’s largest mobile making company is making the most expensive mobile phones. The 2018 Apple iPhone X price may increase to $1000. iPhone chip factory is infected by the virus. Because of the virus, the production is decreased. The new iPhone X price may be the same as expected. The new Samsung Note 9 price is same as provided by iPhone X.

iPhone new chip 

There are many interesting updates in the new Apple iPhone X which may give good business to Apple. Taiwan company is making the A12 chip for iPhone X to give new look to the new models. The company confirmed that the virus did not come from a hacker and they will resolve it very soon.

Passport verification by iPhone

In the future, the Apple iPhone  will take the passport to verify your information to make a digital wallet for you. The customer data will be secured. In these documents, there will be Licence, id card, and the passport. All the customer’s information will be secured and will only be accessed by the authorities using the short-range radio.

2018 iPhone may miss something

The new iPhone X may miss something. The new Apple may be missing the free headphone jack adapter which comes in the box with every new mobile phone.

Dual Sim function in Apple

The new Apple software iOS 12 beta will have some hidden features. The new Apple may give dual sim support for new mobile phones as it is necessary and required by consumers. Apple is taking more sales through its mobile phone products. It is expected in 2018 that Apple will touch to its highest point of sale by mobile phones. Apple sale has been increased up to 37 percent because of its watch which is very popular nowadays.

Dual Camera in iPhone X

Apple may launch the dual camera to its new iPhone X which will give more attraction to consumers.



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