Apple security updates
Apple security updates are good for consumers

According to Apple, the Apple loophole will not be available in an iPhone software update that will easily disable the Lightning port one hour after the phone is locked. Now if the customer wants to transfer data to and from the iPhone, The consumer will need to use Touch ID, Face ID, or their PIN code directly on the phone to transfer the data easily. Apple security updates will be helpful for consumers as their data will be secured. Thankfully, power can still be transferred. So users will not have any difficulty to charge their phone without having to authenticate every time.

Some law enforcement agencies have been using special software which was designed to unlock iPhones. That software helped them get access to the data stored on those iPhones for use in their investigations.

Privacy advocate says that Apple is right to protect the customer data and to fix the issue. Apple has long been working to make the iPhone safer for the consumers, and preventing data from being transferred to another mobile phone without user permission will help the company in that goal. If there is software that law enforcement use to gain access to an iPhone, then there is a  software that criminals may use to gain access to an iPhone.

  • Apple is blocking developers which sells your contacts data.
  • Apple is designing a high-security software
  • Apple will no longer give access to law enforcement agencies to have access to consumer data.
  • Apple is removing apps that share your private information and location



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