Latest Apple Watch
Apple going to launch a new Watch.

The new version of iOS cleared that the Apple Watch face is “inspired by the rainbow flag,”. It is basically showing many threads of color that move across the screen when you tap on it. As you would expect, there is also a placeholder image for the face, which you will see when you scroll through the different watch faces you can choose from. 9to5Mac found videos showing off what happens when you touch the watch face.

We are expecting that the watch face will be announced very soon on stage at the show. As 9to5Mac notes, The watches face can be enabled before the show by going to Settings, General, then Date & Time. Then you will have to turn off the option to automatically set the date and time and change the date to any day after 4th June. Don’t to try to wait for the changing of date and time because it can lose your personal data.

We are almost certain that Apple will launch refreshed and fully bugs free versions of its software for Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch. We are also expecting to see a refreshed MacBook Pro. and other new versions.

The timing of the watch face also makes the clear sense considering the fact that June is Pride Month.

The face will only join a host of watch faces on the Apple Watch, and the selection is only growing. Perhaps most notable is Apple has a business partnership with Disney, which has given rise to a large selection of Disney-related watch faces, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse.



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