Best Fitness Apps

If you’re thinking about getting really serious with your workout, it’s time to talk tech. We use it for everything else. You need an app to get bigger, smaller, faster, sure-footed and more self-assured. But knowing you need an app isn’t the problem. It’s knowing which one from so many out there. To cut your search down to size, here are 10 of the best fitness apps that track your workouts.

1. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

The PEAR Personal Fitness Coach applications are all about eye-free, hands-free audio instruction, offering consumers a wide range of structured exercises at a number of fitness levels and frequencies that match individual needs. A wide range of exercise kits and trainers can be tested out, and the software works well and is compatible with a number of fitness trackers and tools. The app enables users to track their results and compare stats with other fitness trackers. PEAR has a free version with a limited selection of exercises, but to really get the most from the program it’s worth taking the premium membership currently at $5.99 a month for unlimited access to the fitness catalog and extra functionality.

Available on Android and iOS Free

pear personal fitness coach

2. Map My Fitness

Armour’s Map My Fitness tracks over 600 different physical events and synchronizes with over 400 apps to give users a full picture of their athletic performance. Users can check for nearby running routes or post their own preferred routes. Map My Fitness preserves data on burned rate, distance and calories for GPS-based workouts and the results can be used to set new objectives. Users in the Map My Fitness community can enter competitions as well as add posts to inspire others. Map My Fitness’ newest version is compliant with both the Android Wear and Apple Watch apps. Premium models of the software provide tailored education programs and the capability to track heart rates.

Available on Android and iOS Free

map my fitness

3. Fitbit Coach

If you have a Fitbit tracker to Fitbit Coach gets even more use from your sports watch. Fitbit Coach uses the activity level recorded in by the fitness tracker to set exercises and tasks. These are interactive exercises that not only consider what you have already achieved but also refine fitness objectives based on the current input. For example, when data suggests an exercise was too easy. Fitbit Coach will build challenges into your next workout. The best is how Fitbit Coach offers hundreds of workouts ready to help users create a well-rounded fitness regime. You’re going to have to pay for the privilege as Fitbit Coach needs a membership, either $7.99 a month or $39.99 for the year.

Available on Android and iOS by Paid Membership

fitbit coach

4. Peloton Digital

Forget getting fit with even using the coolest assault bikes on their own. With Peloton Digital, you can take advantage of the Peloton approach to getting fit. Downloading is safe so you can take advantage of the free 30-day trial to get a taste of the effectiveness of live and on-demand courses that help improve performance in biking and riding and on strength workouts. It’s free to join if you own a Peloton bike. Peloton provides many organized exercises including meditation to help you relax.

Available on Android and iOS by Paid Membership

peloton digital

5. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club employs the Freemium Device approach, offering a detailed exercise list of workouts based on areas of the body or health goals. Sessions span 15 to 45 minutes with various levels of intensity. Guided workout collections allow users to monitor and reflect on fitness goals and cover complete or light gear workouts as well as bodyweight exercises. Personalized recommendations are based on the community’s daily choices. The premium rate offers a 4-6 week intensive schedule, diet and exercise ideas and new types of workout for those seeking new challenges.

Available onAndroid and iOS Free

nike training club

6. FitOn

FitOn strives to be a Netflix-style exercise video service and offers a wide range of online exercise classes with different training methods and targets. Workouts incorporate pilates, HIIT workouts, or dance and lessons are tailored for a range of fitness objectives and pepper device timescales.  FitOn’s video exercises requires separate voice and video guidance to use your mobile, laptop or tablet as a mobile exercise guide. Classes are led by popular Blogilates trainers such as Cassey Ho and Love Sweat Fitness’ Katie Dunlop. FitOn was initially a premium subscription program but has subsequently become completely free opening up the entire fitness catalog to any and every customer.

Available on Android and iOS Free


7. The Be.Come Project

When it comes to exercise devices, the Be.come Initiative blends the usual formula, adopting a more boutique-fitness style that strives to be less dismissive and more body-neutral. Coach Bethany Meyers delivers a fresh, structured routine each week that puts together aspects of disciplines such as meditation, pilates and dance over a 25-minute period from warm-up to cooldown. The software offers the same workout routine all week instead of a smorgasbord, but it does motivate users into replicating it until completion. A new schedule begins each Monday. It’s the affordable, low-pressure nature of the Be.come Project that makes it stand out from the pack, but it is noticeably more expensive than many of the other paid offerings in the category.

Available on Android and iOS Free

the be.come project


Apps from are an excellent platform for those seeking strength and bodybuilding. Loaded with a focused body parts fitness library with thousands of workouts, this app comes with detailed instructions, a workout schedule, activity journal, success tracker, various timers and choices as well as integration with your JEFIT profile.  JEFIT’s free version is supported by sponsored ads but a paid upgrade provides additional functionality and eliminates all the advertisements.

Available on Android and iOS Free


9. Aaptiv

Aaptiv offers trainer-led digital sessions, along with accompanying music playlists, for a range of exercise types and goals. Exercises can be uploaded and saved for use offline. Users can choose from more than 2,500 activities in hundreds of fitness classes whether it’s for biking, walking, high-intensity interval training and 5K or marathon preparation amongst many others. Exercises can be optimized for burning time, length, speed and calories.

Available on Android and iOS by Paid Membership


10. Daily Burn

Daily Burn channels team exercise energy, delivering live daily workouts to download. The app offers full-body exercises suitable for beginners and includes live chats that feature special guests. Even if you miss the day’s live exercise, you can catch it all later on standby, along with a wide array of more advanced fitness courses such as meditation, heavy-intensity cardio and strength training. You can even exercise to directed lessons on audio with a trainer to guide you and accompanying music.

Basic membership at $14.95/ £ 14.95 a month gives you access to the daily workouts and fitness collection, while a deluxe package ($26.95 a month) adds an extended “Best of 365” catalog to the daily workouts.

Available on Android and iOS by Paid Membership

daily burn

At the end of the day, choosing the right app to track your fitness is pretty much a horses for courses sort of thing, which is why this 10 of the best is in no particular order. Which you decide on depends on what you want from your daily dose of sustained exercise. It’s this flexibility and individual tailoring that makes using any exercise app so effective. What’s clear is that they add motivation, create just enough challenge for progression and interface with their users to proffer comprehensive real-time data. Still having trouble deciding? No problem, there’s probably an app for that.