Kitchen Space Saving Tips

A well outfitted and organized kitchen is a thing of beauty. With various pots, pans, utensils, and appliances, you want all of these essentials to create delicious and complex meals for your family and friends. However, if you have limited space, all of these items can become a jumbled, cluttered mess. Before you know it, you can’t find anything and you lose your love of cooking.

To keep your kitchen neat and organized, all you need is a few items to find a place for everything where it is within easy reach. We’ve found some of the best space-saving kitchen essentials to bring more aesthetics to your kitchen while giving you more space to create your culinary delights.

space saving kitchen essentials

1. Magnetic Knife Rack

Every chef, even a home chef, must have a good set of kitchen knives. The trouble is they must be stored properly to keep their sharpness and integrity. Too many of us just toss our knives in a draw and hope for the best. Not only is this bad for the knives, but it also creates clutter in the drawer. Get a magnetic knife rack and hang it on the wall above your favorite food preparation space. You’ll have your knives within easy reach and they won’t be rattling around in a messy drawer.

2. Utensils Rack

While you’re looking at where you can put your magnetic knife rack, put up a utensils rack as well. Things like ladles, spatulas and mixing spoons are also a nightmare to fish out of cluttered drawers so put up a rack and hang your utensils on that. Not only will this free up lots of counter space, but it looks good too.

utensils racks

3. Expandable Shelves

If you have a small kitchen then you need to double up on space everywhere you can. Expandable shelves are a functional and economical way to add more storage space and increase the space on your countertops. You can put these shelves inside cupboards and cabinets to utilize all the space in the cupboards from top to bottom, or you can even add a few on the countertops for the essentials you use on a daily basis.

4. Stackable Storage Containers

If you have a wild assortment of storage containers, you may find they take up an enormous amount of space. Whenever possible, invest in storage containers that are similar in design and ideally from the same manufacturer. Many of these are still available in a variety of different sizes, but they are also stackable and see-through. This makes them perfect for storing food in your pantry because you can stack them on top of each other and still see everything you have.

stackable storage containers

5. Nesting Bowls

Every kitchen needs bowls of different sizes. They are an essential part of every kitchen for mixing, saving salads, and more. Look for bowls that are similar in design but in varying sizes so you can store them together. Nesting bowls are great space savers and you still get to have the right sized bowl for all of your needs.

6. Over Sink Rack

If the area around your sink is somewhat cramped, your best space-saving solution is an over the sink rack. These are great space savers and they are multifunctional as well. You can use them to hang your utensils, put away cutting boards, organizes your washing up items, and air-dry dishes you wash by hand. They come in different sizes and are a great way to organize a small space around your sink.

sink rack

7. Ceiling Pot Rack

When looking at space saving kitchen essentials, don’t just look around you … look up! Celling pot racks are the perfect solution for those who have a lot of pots and pans, but nowhere to stash them. Ceiling pot racks can be lowered and raised as needed and they come with enough hooks to hang a decent number of pots. You can also buy additional hooks and hang more pots or other items as well. When you’re done, hanging everything on hooks, simply raise the entire rack up and out of the way.

A Few More Worth Looking At

There are dozens of more space-saving kitchen essentials you can add to your kitchen to keep it neat and organized but we’ve found a few more that are worth mention:

Hanging Mug Hooks – Practically every kitchen has overhead cabinets and rightfully so. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the space under the cabinets to add a few mug hooks. Hang your mugs near your coffee machines for easy access.

Multi-Tiered Baskets – These are great and can usually fit neatly in a corner. While most people use them as fruit baskets, you can use them for anything you want to organize neatly. Keep your kitchen towels, snacks, coffee pods, or anything you want within easy reach.

Wall Baskets – If you like the idea of the magnetic knife rack and utensils rack on your kitchen wall, why not add a few wall baskets as well? These are great for small jars of spices, napkins or anything else you need a space for.