Gunnar is the go-to brand for computer glasses and thus far, the brand’s Razer model rates high when it comes to tackling eye strain derived from prolonged computer usage.

Even with a good, sufficient built, the steel frame is lightweight, comfortable, and flexible, which makes wearing the pair a breeze during hours of use. The soft, silicone nose pads are a comfort to wear and won’t leave unsightly marks on your nose. The glasses also have wide-format lenses meaning it gives a panoramic view which is advantageous for users dealing with two computer monitors or an ultrawide monitor.

The Razer glasses feature a slight amber tint on them which minimizes 65% of blue lights at 380 to 450-nanometer wavelengths. The pair worked well in terms of decreasing severe blue light from computer monitors and the subtle amber hue from the glasses filtered the blue light spectrum significantly, thereby minimizing high levels of visible light. Viewing the monitor while wearing this pair makes the screen appear more neutral.

The front and back parts of the lenses have anti-reflective properties too and this leads to a high reduction in lens glare. This allows users to concentrate on-screen images and text without hassles. It has 100% UV ray blocking capabilities so it’s good for workspaces with direct exposure to sunlight.

Magnification is also one of the sound benefits of this pair. Reading smaller text becomes an easier task and this decreases the chances of users falling prey to eye strain. Users can purchase standard, premium, and progressive prescription glasses on the brand’s official site.

As for its drawbacks, the glasses are expensive. However, the cost of the pair suits its quality and the brand offers the best computer glasses in the market today. In addition, cleaning them is a bit tough; you need to use the included microfiber cloth to buff the glasses clean. Highly recommended if you’re in the market for computer glasses.