Is CBD Good for Cooking?

Yes. Hemp has been used in the kitchen throughout civilized history. Even the chef for Pope Martin V, Bruno Laurious cooked with hemp. In the late 1300s, one of his recipes (On Ministrum de canapo Jean de Bockenheim, Registre de cuisine, p.740 n° 59) read: “Boil [hemp] flowers and leaves (canapo) in water. Once ready press them to extract water. Add the mixture with bread crumbs and cooked onion. Slowly add the water in which canapo was boiled to the mixture and add saffron and spices.”

And in the fifteenth-century, a member of Pope Pius II’s College of Abbreviators, Bartolomeo Platina wrote a cookbook titled, On Honorable Pleasure and Health. This book included a recipe for creating a health drink using the leaves of cannabis to act as an additive to food, deemed a cure for the stomach and the head. This messaging of wellness has extended on through the centuries, and several home cooks and chefs around the world are infusing their daily regimen with hemp/CBD oil.

Travel to Bologne, Italy, and visit the vault of the Canton de Fiori, and you can read an ancient fresco inscription on the Tower of the Escape: “Bread is Life, Cannabis is Protection, Wine is Joy.” The city’s lucrative trade in hemp allowed Bologne to defend itself and exert political influence.

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The Benefits of Cooking with CDB

In other words, it’s long been known that hemp is a medicinal food that supports health and wellness. Cooking with hemp oil (not to be confused with hash oil) means zero psychoactive properties with all of the medicinal benefits. Hemp oil for cooking is either derived from cold-pressing hemp seeds or extracted from the entire plant—both are devoid of any psychotropic effects.

This year there have been a few CBD cookbooks and guides that have been released to walk you through the cooking-with CBD journey with ease. Here are our favorites:

The Complete Guide to CBD – Craig Tomashoff

Released in March of this year, Tomashoff’s new book is a deep dive into hemp and a comprehensive overview of CBD—how it’s used and the many ways to consume it. “The future of healthcare may be found in just three little letters—C, B, and D,” says Tomashoff. A journalist, author, and producer, he has written for Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and People. Tomashoff is also a television producer, having worked on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and VH1’s Behind the Music. This is his third book on cannabis. Tomashoff synthesizes all the available research and presents the case for the medicinal properties of hemp and CBD, which include the mitigation a broad range of ailments, from cancer and migraines to PTSD and sleep, to anxiety, muscle pain, and sexual pleasure. Find The Complete Guide to CBD on Amazon.

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Cooking with CBD – Jenn Hobbs

Released in July, this effort was inspired by the 2016 book Hobbs co-authored called Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto. Having researched countless ways to harness the power of CBD, Hobbs realized that infusing CDB into your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners could do more than taste good. She learned from experience how incorporating CBD into your food can soothe everything from inflammation to depression.

Beginning with how to make your own CBD butter and cooking oil, Hobbs teaches readers how to bring the health benefits of CDB into the all scrumptious recipes you already love making. Her more delectable recipes include lemon poppy-seed pancakes, hemp smoothies, marinated beef lettuce wraps with coconut rice, and vanilla pumpkin spice crème brûlée. Find Cooking with CBD on Amazon for $18.

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CBD Oil Smoothies Recipe Book: A Beginners Guide to CBD Oil Smoothies for Health & Weight Loss – Dr. Emma Tyler

Up your smoothie game with this how-to book. It covers an array of topics, from understanding the difference between smoothies and juicing, to the best blenders to use. Known for her healthy food guides, Tyler is a trusted resource in the healthy living community. This ambitious book is a welcome addition to her abundance of weight-loss books. It walks readers through planning, prepping, and making a smoothie-a-day by laying out the health and weight-loss benefits of specific food combinations. Find it on the Kindle Store for $10.