Best CBD Delivery Methods

Cannabidiol (CBD) is typically consumed by eating, inhaling, or rubbing it on your body. That sounds simple enough, but the possibility tree branches quickly from there. Your choice of CBD delivery method will affect the speed of onset.

Start first by identifying what personal and/or physical issues you’re hoping to address. Tinctures and nano-emulsions deliver the higher “medicinal” doses but don’t taste great (nor do they try to). Edibles and drinks are basically for chilling out. Salves and balms are for localized pain.

Keep in mind that as a dietary supplement and food ingredient, hemp-derived CBD is in the same category as added vitamins and minerals — likely good for you and baked by science. But companies cannot make any explicit claims that consuming CBD and/or hemp oil cures illnesses or physical ailments. Until the FDA approves CBD-based medications, consider incorporating CBD in a well-rounded diet to help promote general well being.

That said, there is solid evidence that CBD does promote feelings of relaxation without the intoxication associated with THC. I researched customer reviews and product websites and settled on good examples for six delivery categories.

CBD In Food: Edibles

Food is a popular CBD delivery method. Edible products like chocolates or sport/energy bars incorporate various forms of CBD and/or hemp oil. The stomach and intestinal tract metabolize these products, of course, which means any effect you feel from the CBD will be slow to come on — anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Kanibi Organi Gummies:
A popular edible Kanibi makes gummies with organically-grown, full-spectrum hemp oil (>.03% zero-THC). They have no artificial colors, either.

Kanibi Organi Gummies


Hemp oil blended with a carrier, like MCT oil (coconut), is good for larger doses. Typically sold in dropper bottles, tinctures come in a variety of milligram/dose strengths. The onset is faster than edible products (10–15 minutes), due to sublingual absorption (under the tongue) and product strength.

Green Roads:
Selling both full- and broad-spectrum tinctures in a variety of strengths, Green Roads is scientifically rigorous and has won multiple industry awards for its products. Check the brand out if you’re looking for tinctures.


Hemp oil is not water-soluble, so most drinks incorporate CBD “isolate” in its pure crystalline form emulsified for dilution into water. Expect a general feeling of wellbeing in 5–10 minutes.

CBDFX Chill Shot:
Strong, effective, and tasty, these are the CBD equivalent of 5-Hour Energy shots.

CBD Delivery Method: CBDFX Chill Shot

CBD Nano-Emulsions:

This newer technology atomizes the hemp oil and encapsulates the microscopic droplets in a lipid-based solution (we’re talking nanometers). Nano-emulsions are designed to be absorbed under your tongue sublingually, and the small particle size makes for almost immediate absorption into the blood (3–5 minutes).

Quicksilver Scientific:
Offering both “full-spectrum” (>.03% THC) and “broad spectrum” oil (zero THC), these nano-emulsified products are engineered to absorb into your blood rapidly and efficiently.

Body: CBD Balms, Oils, and More

CBD is incorporated into everything from bath bombs and massage oils to shampoo and pain balms. When applied to the skin, muscles and joints absorb CBD. Depending on the dosage strength and the type of CBD used, the localized effect is rapid (3–5 minutes).

MCBDShop nano-emulsifies this 1,000-milligram pain salve for maximum absorption.

MCBDShop Salve Bundle

Inhaling CBD:

The point of smoking or vaping CBD is to cause an immediate effect. There are obvious health concerns related to inhaling carcinogenic smoke from combustion and the many aerosolized compounds of vaping oil/cartridges. But if this is your jam, you know the calming effect is very fast (0–1 minute). Your lungs transfer the gaseous compounds of air directly into your bloodstream, and the CBD/hemp oil tags along.

Suspended in MCT oil, these vape oils lack other compounds and come in tailored strengths (Standard, Plus, Advanced, Therapeutic).