Wi-fi stealing is famous in these days

If your internet is very slow and you are unable to do your work then you need to check why your internet is slow. The basic reason can be of stealing your Wi-Fi by someone. Your next-door neighbor may b stealing your Wi-fi.

small numbers of bandwidth go around when you have a Wi-Fi device. You need to secure your internet and check who is using your internet. If you have multiple users in your home and are using the same internet then your internet should be slow. For example at your home, someone is using Tablet, Tv, or mobile and are connected to the internet.

Method No. 1

Turn off wi-fi on all devices at home and check if still, the wi-fi router light is blinking then someone is using your internet. There are many devices which can search the internet connection. From these devices, you can check about who is using your internet.

Wi-Fi inspector app:

Downloaded this app from chrome may give you some ads, but it still provides a free look at all devices which are connected on your network, including important details like device names, IP addresses.  You can save a list of customized devices which are showing and immediately note if the unknown device connects your internet.

Wireless network watcher:

This is also an app which is used to help users to check who is connected with your internet. It also monitors all the activities on your wi-fi device.

Method 2:

Watch administrator logs:

If you think that someone is using your internet connection then you need to check by logging through IP address that is of your router. After logging just types user and password which is “admin”. Just log in and click on stats. A list of all the users which are using your internet connection will appear very soon.








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