Types Of Wallets

Some men settle with the familiar and use the same wallet for years. It’s possible to argue how a tradition from long ago when a leather wallet, made by hand, would have cost a month’s pay packet. A real wallet was something special young men were given on their 21st birthday and inside would be their own key to the front door. For young men, it was all part of the rites of passage into adulthood and being the man of the house.

The wallet, made to last, was expected to last a lifetime. Wallets were highly personal then and still are. The tried and tested designs are still with us and popular, although lately, wallet design has undergone a modern rethink. Here are a few familiar designs that are still going strong and one or two you might not have heard of.

black wallet

The Classic Bifold Wallet

The classic bifold is the most used style of wallet. You may have owned quite a few. These wallets keep everything simple. The simplicity in design makes it easy to access your cash and cards without looking and just by lifting a flap. This popular wallet type sits perfectly in the jeans back pocket being the slimmest of all the designs. One of the most important requirements for a good wallet is its size. This design is so easy to tuck away and its owner is able to sit down without feeling the bump. The design may be simple, but the classic bifold provides ample space for carrying cash, cards and receipts.

The Trifold Wallet

The stylish trifold wallet design is also popular.  It’s the preferred choice for men looking for even more space in their wallets. Unlike bifold wallets, the trifold comes equipped with more individual secure compartments to carry more cards, papers or photos. This wallet still retains a minimalist design, but you can end up ruining its look by overstuffing it and causing an uncomfortable bulge you don’t want to sit on.

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Hybrid Slim Wallet

These wallets are new to the market and they’re becoming popular fast. For these slim hybrids, the unique selling point is their ultra low profile design. A hybrid wallet is made from polycarbonate and secured by a fancy silicone band. They are extremely compact and look super cool even if you do need to practice how to take your cash out of it.

Money Clip Wallet

The money clip wallet is another traditional design. It’s nothing more than the barebones when it comes to features and minimal minimalist look but it still carries cash. Using one to carry around only what you absolutely need could be a good habit to get into. They are especially useful if you want to get to cash often and easily.

man putting wallet in the pocket

Checkbook Wallet

If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to standard wallets, there’s the checkbook wallet. It is also called a breast pocket wallet. These freshly designed modern wallets will help you stand out from the crowd. It was once a style popular with men who traveled a lot, but these days anyone can get hold of one. At the opposite end of the scale to the money clip, these wallets can hold a lot of important stuff including lots of credit cards and cash, a checkbook and passport and plane tickets. For those who wear suits or sports jackets, a checkbook wallet comes in a size handy for inside jacket pockets.

Other Options

Although the traditional wallet designs are still the best sellers, there are many other wallet designs readily available. For instance,

  • the zipper wallet, which is essentially a bi-fold wallet equipped with an outer zipper closure. This way, you enjoy the simplicity of the bi-fold wallet with added security. It’s a good choice if you lean towards overstuffing your bi-fold wallet.
  • a chain wallet made popular by bikers. The addition of a chain means your wallet won’t fall out of your back pocket while you’re enjoying a ride. You attach it directly to your belt loop. Nowadays, chain wallets are uber stylish
  • a simple credit card holder, if you don’t need fancy just These wallets are generally designed to hold gift cards, credit cards, ID and maybe some cash, if it comes with a small bill compartment.
  • a key wallet if you don’t want to carry a lot of cash but have several keys. These wallets come with sturdy hooks inside to hold your keys in place. Some have a small bill compartment along with card slots to carry a couple of credit cards as well and the whole lot can be secured with a clasp or a zipper.

money clip

A Few Things To Remember

While you can find a number of material options, leather continues to be the most popular choice for men’s wallets. If you’re going to buy one, ensure that it’s comfortable to carry and practical to use. On the other hand, you might also like some other material, like the stylish metal wallets.

The design matters a lot, since you’ll be using your wallet often and it should stay looking stylish in your hand. Like his shoes or his hands, the state of a man’s wallet says a lot about him. Men should think of their wallet as an accessory like smart cufflinks or a chic minimalist watch. That said, a wallet is not much good to anyone if its owner can’t get to his credit cards or find his cash.

Although leather wallets are used the most often and are arguably the most stylish and the most comfortable, a really good hand-finished wallet made with high-quality leather still costs a small fortune. These wallets are the wallet elite equal to the status of being a once in a lifetime purchase. However, with such a wide range of quality wallets around, there really is a wallet for every budget. It may even please you to know that it is a good idea to not wait for your birthday and stock up on a few for yourself anyway. These days, men can have a wallet for any pocket and for every occasion.