How to Download Youtube videos
How to download Youtube Videos

Looking: How to download Youtube videos in seconds. Here is an easy way to download Youtube videos or music in seconds by using this free software. There are much software which are providing the services of downloading videos and music from Youtube. But today we will tell you how to download Youtube Videos by using a simple method.

Please note that Ripping audio from YouTube is the best way to take the audio file of your own choice. That means Google could ditch your account if it found out and decided to take action. There are many methods to download music from YouTube without breaking the rules of Youtube, such as with Google’s YouTube Red service — so we recommend you consider that first.

There are many tools to download music from Youtube but Y2mate is the best software to download music of your own choice. It is providing a fast way to the variety of formats.

Step 1

Copy your URL of video which you want to download.

Step 2

Open a new tab and then go to Y2mate Homepage. Paste the URL into the given section to download your music from Youtube. Choose your format and then click on download button. This will give you another download button to download only the music of this video.

4K Video Downloader

This software is also used to download videos of high quality from Youtube.

Just download and install this software by opening the website of 4K Video Downloader. You don’t need to be worried about the paid version because the free version is giving complete access.

Copy your URL of the video and then click on the Paste link button your video. You will be given some more options just click on Download video option. Just click on the download video so it will start downloading your video. After download, you can extract your video.








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