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Earn money through london breakout strategy

Money earning is very important to spend the life. There are many ways to make money through business and through the job. There are many methods to make money online. Some are very easy and some are very difficult and easy. As you know about online business and money earning portals. Today we will tell you about earn money from forex trading.

No doubt forex trading is very popular in online business but we will also say that it is very dangerous. As you need to invest your money in forex so after that you will be able to get profit from this business. Earn money through forex is not so easy as you think. Any business in the world needs some experience and practice. When we talk about forex trading then we think about risk.

Many people are working on trading and making good money. Today we will share with you a strategy to make money in this market. There are many strategies to earn money on forex but we will recommend London breakout strategy. London breakout strategies are beneficial to earn money easily.

Step 1: just check if there is a movement in the market. Just note the high and low of first 4 candles of the market of the day. now check where is the high and where is the low.

Step2: Now just put a line on the high and on the low. Now just wait to open the London session.

Trading opening: Just check where to open the trade. When the market cross the up line and the candle closes to the upside of the candle you open long to order. For the short orders just see when market cross below the line and the candle closes below the line you just open the short order.

Take profit and stop loss: Take profit will be 30 pips.

This is the strategy from where you can make good money.


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