Earn money online is easy throug forex trading
Forex trading strategy is best for Earn money online

Forex trading is the best business in the world to make good money. No doubt its giving loss to those traders which don’t know how to work on this. So the first thing is that you need to learn good knowledge about forex. Earn money online is very simple through forex.

Forex trading is very dangerous. Many traders are losing their money in this business. They don’t know how to follow the rules of forex. They even don’t know how to manage their money. Today we will tell you how to earn money online.

Today we are going to discuss the new strategy to make money from forex. This strategy is very useful and we have backtested this strategy. So you can earn money online by just learning this simple strategy.

London breakout strategy

The London breakout strategy is used only in London sessions.

Currency pair: GBP/USD

Risk: Account risk should be not more than 1% to 2%

London breakout strategy is giving good profit to those traders who are correctly implementing this strategy on their account. In this session, the market is very fast.

Just note the high and low of first 3 candles of the day and place horizontal lines on both high and low.

Buy and Sell signals

Now watch if the market break upside the line then it will be your buy signal and if the market goes below the line then it will be your sell signal. The trades should be closed at the end of the London session because after that the Us sessions will open and it may go against your trade. Your profit and loss should only be 30 pips. Follow the system as suggested strictly. Because in this system the chances of loss are minimized.

Advantages of London breakout strategy

This system slowly grows your account but gives you long-term profit.

This is a very simple strategy even you don’t need to stay at home.






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