Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads violating rules.

It is seen that when the anyone is using a social network and he is watching important things then it will be very difficult to stop it, But sometimes there are ads which are played between the important work. So it can give big problem for sometime to your important work.

A new complaint has been filed by the U.S department against the violation of rules by Facebook ads. Facebook violating Fair Housing act.

There are many Facebook users which are much worried about Facebook ads and are ready to lodge a complaint against these ads. They are finding the way to stop these ads by Facebook. The U.S department told that it’s not good launch different ads by Facebook of Sex, religion and many other categories are the clear violation of rules of Housing Act.


Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing Act stated that When Facebook uses a large amount of personal data of users then it helps to make some advertisements. So these are not good for users and its the clear violation of rules.

Facebook is very fast to reply to complaints it should take action fastly against this complain and try to stop the Ads which are irritating many users.

Facebook said that Since last year we have made our system a risk free system to stop many unnecessary things and we have responded to the court. The stated that many complaints have been launched by the U.S department against the violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Facebook also said that the complaint was without merit and they will defend it. The court said that the complaint lodged by the U.S department that the ground is sufficiant to for complaint. Facebook told that on Friday they tried to stop this issue. So the issue will be resolved soon.


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