facebook Blockchain Technology
Facebook Blockchain Technology

Facebook instituted the largest executive shakeup in its 15-year history. In this week, appointing new leaders for WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook’s core app and giving other longtime Facebook executives new responsibilities. The company made new efforts to tackle Facebook blockchain technology.

The news, which is announced internally to employees today. The meaning of this news is to is to improve executive communication privacy and Facebook Block Chain Technology. The changes will also come as Facebook contends with the backlash from the U.S. presidential election, revelations of manipulation by the Russian government and the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Facebook is also building a new team. It is dedicated to Facebook blockchain technology. David Marcus, the executive who is in charge of Facebook’s standalone messaging app, Messenger, is leaving that post to run the blockchain group, these sources said. That new team will fall under one of the other three divisions, referred to as “New platforms and infra,” which will be managed by CTO Mike Schroepfer. Facebook’s AR, VR, and artificial intelligence efforts will also live under Schroepfer’s division.

Longtime Facebook exec Javier Olivan, the company’s VP of growth, will oversee the third division which is called “Central product services,” which includes all of the shared features that operate across multiple products or apps such as ads, security, and growth.

Surprisingly, no one wants to leave Facebook. Just a lot of old faces in new places.

Facebook does have a number of high ranking and influential female product executives. These female products executives are not involved in these changes. For example Fidji Simo, who runs video; Deb Liu, who runs Marketplace; and Julie Zhuo, who runs design. Then, of course, there’s Sheryl Sandberg on the business side of things.

The changes all come at an interesting time for Facebook and Zuckerberg, who has been openly discussing to take more responsibility for Facebook and its impact on the world. Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolution was to fix Facebook and its features, and restructuring the team is clearly part of that fix.


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