The Fitbit Inspire HR is the best fitness tracker you’ll need for your everyday activities. It’s simple and elegant and tracks all the things that matter – steps, distance, heart rate, and even calories burned. It’s also water-resistant so you can literally sweat or swim with it.

Fitness has been a huge focus for people and the best way to monitor it is through a fitness tracker. Fitness trackers help people have real-time data on their health. It’s also equipped to remind you of your fitness goals. With a Fitbit Inspire HR, you can choose from more than 15 goal-based exercise modes that will encourage you to push yourself to the limit. And while you’re at it, it tracks your heart rate and pace.

Fitbit is known to be the fitness tracker. It started out with just telling time, your steps, your distance, and your heart rate. Today, it has smartwatches that notify you of your messages, calls, and calendar. The Fitbit Inspire HR has all these features too. Plus, it tracks your sleep stages ad even gives you an update of your sleep stages. It’s really a 24/7 health companion.

The Fitbit Inspire HR runs on a battery that you can charge for only 1-2 hours. A fully charged battery can last you for 5 days even if you wear it all the time. Fitbit is known to be durable, so you can definitely use it for more than 2 years given that you don’t submerge it into deep water or break it.

You can choose from a full black or white watch or a mix of black and white. If you get bored with these colors, you can always purchase another accessory band in the Fitbit online store.

Overall, Fitbit Inspire HR is a great fitness tracker. It’s perfect even for people who just want to have real-time data on their health.