Whatsapp is facing spam problem so it is very irritating to customers. Today we will tell you how to spot Whatsapp spams.

There are millions of customers which are using WhatsApp and enjoying the free calling service. It is true to say that Whatsapp has become a large network to send and receive messages and calls. iMessage services are only available on some compatible Apple devices. But nowadays a big problem is Whatsapp spams.

The Facebook app allows users to send and receive msgs, calls, and video messages across the world. Today there is a big problem faced by Whatsapp application that it is facing spam problems with Whatsapp application. Sometimes the spam disturbs customer’s personal messages and data or installs malware which is very harmful to mobile.

Keep an eye on grammatical mistakes

Just keep an eye on your grammatical mistakes which can be harmful to your Whatsapp. Try to remove punctuation mistakes.

Stop and check

Whenever you receive a message just check what is this message is about? Is this offering a gift card or a lottery for you these messages can be spams?

Avoid Tap on the link received by Whatsapp messages

Avoid messages which are asking about your personal messages or tap on a link. If you get a message about what is your mother name or what is your credit card number. So these messages are spams and can harm your personal information or mobile data. Don’t try to download any attachments. All these things point to spam.

Report Spam after identifying

If you receive a message from an unknown number which identifies that it is a spam then you have another option to report this spam messages. You will be given the option to report that number from directly through the Whatsapp application. These spams can hack your password and other useful details

Whatsapp is trying to stop these spams by adding new features in Whatsapp.







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