HTC U12 Plus
new htc mobile

The new Htc U12 Plus is all about touch. Ther is no any button on this phone. Many companies have made many mobile phones but with volume buttons or home buttons.

HTC may has sold 2000 engineers to Google from the research and development team last year, but that’s not mean that they will slow down the process of making of new smartphones. Right on schedule, the HTC U12 Plus is the new mobile phone from Htc. This new mobile phone is released exactly after one year of HTC U11.

The new phone has a large screen. But also a very higher $800 price tag. It’s clear HTC wants to compete with the big boys like the Galaxy S9 Plus or the Google Pixel 2 XL, and the iPhone X.

Take a breath of relief please there are no buttons on the HTC U12 Plus. The no touch is a growing trend in many phones of Android. Ever since Apple popularized it on the iPhone X. We have been watching this on multiple phones like the Huawei P20 Pro, the OnePlus 6, and the LG G7 ThinQ. Now we are happy to see a phone jumping on the trend. The U12 Plus looks beautiful and attractive. It has two front-facing cameras and on the bottom of the, there is USB type-C charging port. The speakers are giving stereo sound. When you twist the mobile phone the volume buttons are not mechanical at all, means that they don’t move when you press the volume buttons. Their buttons are just like home button on iPhone 6 or 7.


Htc is utilizing its design and surface of new mobile phones. New colors are added on the glass. Htc is using Gorilla Glass 3, not Gorilla Glass 5 on rear and front of mobile phones.


The edge of the phone is rounded and making the phone very easy to use. But the 6-inch big screen may b difficult to use to reach on the corners of the phone. But this mobile phone is giving a handy touch solution make the phone reliable to use.



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