North Korean Nuclear Programme
Nuclear Programme Of North and South Korean

North Korean Nuclear Programme

A big Discussion about North Korean Nuclear Programme between Trump and North Korean President.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that it will be a “real opportunity” for a deal when President Trump meets the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The discussion was clearly about the North Korean Nuclear Programme.
There is also another deal between South Korean President and South Korean President that they will both stop the nuclear programme.

In Past, the US president has been trying to stop the North Korea Nuclear Programme. The Discussion with North Korea was not successful

Interviewed by ABC News, he said North Korea must stop the nuclear programme as this will be good for the environment.

Mr. Trump is going to meet North Korean leader next month to talk about denuclearising the Korean peninsula

Mr. Pompeo said Mr. Trump had clearly told him to raise the issue of the verifiable system of the nuclear programme. He also raised the topic that they should completely stop the nuclear programme.

Separately, new US National Security Advisor John Bolton told Fox News that an agreement with Libya on completely finishing its weapons as they can be an obstacle to the peace of the world.

According to the Interview of Mr. Kim.He told that the nuclear programme will be stopped this May. He also told that North Korean will stop everything if the U.S promises not to invade.

Six nuclear tests have been done by North Korean Nuclear Programme since 2006.

Mr. Kim also told President Moon that he is trying to make good relations with the United States as the site of Nuclear Programme will be stopped.

He added that his heart was shocked when he saw the two clocks of different Korean time zones hanging on the wall of the peace house at the border.


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