Most kitchen items haven’t changed much over the last century. Your pots still look pretty much the same as they did in your grandmother’s era and so do your pans. It’s pretty hard to improve on a simple concept like the pan. We’ve added non-stick surfaces and methods for more even heating, but where do we go from here? Well, the Radical pan has some ideas. And it is right up there with the best stainless steel cookware.

This pan reinvents the cooking pan in some very simple and very clever ways.

Is It Really Radical? Totally Tubular? Gnarly?

The Radical Pan

This pan makes you look like a pro.


  • Cooks food evenly
  • Easy to use
  • Makes you look like a pro


  • Cooks food great, so my belly has no complaints

Build Quality And Design

The Radical Pan feels solid, but not overly heavy.  It is constructed well enough that it will last for years in most kitchens. It looks just like many of the other pans on the market, with one notable exception. That extra wide lip on one side. That design feature is the number one thing that helps you to flip your food easier so that you make it look easy. Because it is easier. That lip gives you just enough extra pan on one side to flip foods perfectly.


This innovative pan has that patented high-rise lip, non-toxic, non-stick coating, a stealth-grip handle that stays cool while you cook, as well as a hard-anodized body to prevent scratches and corrosion. It can be used in any kitchen no matter what kind of stove you have. You can also safely use it in the oven up to 500°F.


A lot of people worry about non-sticks being made of toxic chemicals, but the Radical pan has gone through an extensive testing process, including safety testing with the FDA, SGS, and NSF. It is approved and certified by all three.


I cooked all of my meals in this pan for two weeks, and it included things like eggs, stirfry, grilled cheese, pancakes and much more. It definitely cooked food better and more evenly than any of the pans that I own. As far as this pan helping you to flip your foods easily, it really works. I always had trouble performing that trick, but this pan really does make it easy. It is also just the right weight. It doesn’t feel too heavy in your hand either. I also didn’t have trouble with any food sticking to it.

Bottom Line

I have to say this is a very innovative pan. I really wasn’t sure about it until I started using it, but now I’m sold. This has become my go-to pan for almost everything. It’s a great value for the money as well. I have paid a lot more for pans and didn’t get this much joy out of cooking. The Radical Pan is highly recommended and you really should have a couple in your kitchen whether you are a pro chef or just want to look like one.

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