The Summer Detox Guide

Photograph by Lucy Laucht

The Summer Detox Guide

We asked a few of our research scientists (meet Gerda, if you haven’t already) to define “summer-ready.” And let’s just say: We’ve been following their detox suggestions since Memorial Day, and they’re onto something.


  • goop wellness Balls in the Air
    goop Wellness
    Balls in the Air
    goop, $90

  • Juggling Act

    When your summer schedule is set, anything that slows you down brings a profound sense of FOMO. Each packet of Balls in the Air contains a multivitamin with added phytonutrients, omega-3s, broccoli extracts, and two supplements to support the liver’s master detoxifier, glutathione. Never miss a spontaneous beach day again.


  • Tonik Apple Cider Vinegar Supplement Capsules
    Apple Cider Vinegar
    Supplement Capsules

    goop, $25

  • Easy as ACV

    If you hate the taste of apple cider vinegar but are intrigued by the benefits: These chicly bottled pills are encapsulated in gelatin so there’s no acidic taste. We take them as part of our detox regimen first thing in the morning or after a big meal.

    On Supporting Your Body’s Detox System

    Your liver is your primary detox organ. It filters out harmful pesticides and environmental chemicals from your blood, and it metabolizes drugs. To support healthy liver function, get plenty of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), zinc, and selenium. Herbs that can also help support your liver include milk thistle, schisandra, resveratrol, and rhodiola.


  • Glacce Rose Quartz Bottle
    Rose Quartz Bottle
    goop, $80

  • Flush It Out

    The rose quartz crystal in this reusable water bottle is a nonannoying reminder to stay hydrated—and be a little more loving. And when you’re seeking another message: There are three other styles, each with a different stone.


  • Sun Potion Rhodiola
    Sun Potion
    goop, $57

  • Golden Road

    Rhodiola, the golden adaptogen, has been studied for its ability to support positive mood and mental function and to help the body resist stress. It also supports endurance—so you can stay dialed in through a packed day. Take it in the morning (it has a slightly stimulating effect) stirred into a glass of water or blended into a smoothie.


  • The Organic Pharmacy Cellular Protection Sun Cream SPF 50
    The Organic Pharmacy
    Cellular Protection
    Sun Cream SPF 50

    goop, $69

  • Zinc Again

    Made with aloe and shea butter, this sunscreen is hydrating and blends into skin like a dream. You won’t believe it’s a mineral-only SPF 50. (It is.) It smells faintly citrusy and contains both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for the highest-quality nontoxic
    sun protection.


  • G.Tox Malachite + Aha Pore Refining Tonic
    goop Beauty
    G.Tox Malachite + Aha
    Pore Refining Tonic

    goop, $75/$68 with subscription

  • Pore Over

    Morning and night, we use our azure blend of detoxifying malachite and 15% glycolic, phytic, and fruit acids. It helps boost exfoliation and nourishes skin with copper peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin B3. Voted most likely at goop HQ to leave skin feeling soft, smooth, refreshed, and practically poreless.


  • Sundaily The Base Layer
    The Base Layer
    goop, $39

  • Cover Your Bases

    The staples of a sun-care routine: a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, shade—and this gummy supplement. It contains a clinically researched fern extract called polypodium to support skin from the inside out. (Polypodium boosts the skin’s defenses against free radicals and environmental stressors.) And the gummy also has 100 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin D3 (which, here, happens to be vegan). It tastes like a Valencia orange—just the right level of sweet.

    On Nontoxic Sunscreen

    What you apply to your skin absorbs into it and gets into your bloodstream. This May, in a small study, the FDA reported that four sunscreens exceeded the acceptable limits for chemicals absorbed into the blood, which warrants further studies of their safety. The FDA has also reported that it has adequate safety data on only zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Some chemical sunscreen ingredients are still a big question mark—like oxybenzone, which may affect
    hormone levels.

    Another issue (but not the last) with conventional sunscreen ingredients is that they contain known skin irritants. And several have been banned in Hawaii because, even diluted in seawater, they have been shown to kill coral.

    So we’d rather play it safe: We stock nontoxic, mineral-only sunscreens—only. If you’re ever unsure of the ingredients in your sunscreen, check the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database, which gives safety information on a wide range of products and ingredients.


  • G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush
    goop Beauty
    G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush
    goop, $20

  • Clean Sweep

    Dry-brushing is a classic element of the goop detox routine: It’s a great way to exfoliate before or after the shower to reveal fresh, radiant skin. It invigorates the body and, we’d argue, the spirit, too. We made this dry brush with sisal fibers (they have just the right amount of give) and a slightly angled head for
    hard-to-reach spots.


  • 2XU MCS Bonded Mid-Rise Compression Tights
    MCS Bonded Mid-Rise
    Compression Tights

    goop, $120

  • It’s Tight

    “Technical” is a nerdy way to describe workout pants, and it also doesn’t do 2XU full justice: These compression tights hug you in, reduce chafing, and are UPF 50+ (meaning the material shields you from UVA and UVB rays). The tights are superlightweight and dry super fast. And the waistband is designed to sit flat through spin class and floor work.


  • Ernest Leoty Jade Tank Top
    Ernest Leoty
    Jade Tank Top
    goop, $280

  • A Little Lift

    Inspired by lingerie corsets and built for running stairs, this tank gives structure and support. It’s comfortable and high-performance (the material wicks sweat). And as you can see: It’s sexy.

    On Floating

    Inside flotation tanks lies our personal reset button. If you haven’t been in one before, here’s what happens: You’re floating in an Epsom salt bath. Sensory stimuli are removed—no sight, no sound. Instead, there’s: stillness. For an hour, you can meditate or drift into a dreamlike state. If you’re looking to make a day of it, places like Pause Float Studio in Los Angeles have infrared saunas so you can also get in a full-body sweat session. It’s about as relaxing as it gets.



    Bring it to hot yoga or the beach: This mat gets grippier as the temperature goes up and hands get sweaty. Another reason we like 42 Birds: Cork farming is inherently sustainable, and the company donates 1 percent of its revenue to environmental preservation efforts.


  • Bala Bangles Weighted Wrist Bangles
    Bala Bangles
    Weighted Wrist Bangles
    goop, $49

  • With a Bang

    Add intensity to pretty much any workout (and maybe some Jazzercise nostalgia) with these comfortable one-pound bangles. Wear them around your ankles during cardio—or to turn walking the dog into a serious workout. And wrap them around your wrists when it’s time for upper body work. The bangles are adjustable and—get this—dishwasher-safe.


    Pans Out

    June: longer days. Outdoor dinner parties. Fresh ingredients from the farmers’ market. So many pages of The Clean Plate bookmarked that the sticky notes have lost all meaning. And GreenPan’s ten-piece cookware set. It’s made with stainless steel that’s dishwasher- and oven-safe—and has none of the harmful toxic chemicals found in conventional nonstick cookware.

    On Nontoxic Cookware

    Old-school nonstick cookware works because of a special coating that keeps food from adhering to a pan’s surface. But that coating can contain toxic chemicals that are released at high temperatures during cooking, which you breathe in. Most cookware phased out these problem children—PFOA and PFOS—in 2013. But there are still thousands of chemically similar substances used in cookware on the market. And it can be difficult to know which substances your pots and pans are coated in. Our advice: Buy quality cookware from companies like GreenPan that are transparent. Dispose of old or damaged pans, especially those bought before the 2013 regulation. Try to cook at a lower heat and turn on a fan for proper ventilation.


  • Stasher Reusable Half Gallon Storage Bag
    Reusable Half Gallon Storage Bag
    goop, $20

  • Zip It

    We could tell you all about how quitting single-use plastic bags is better for the environment. Which it is. Which you know. But really, Stasher’s reusable storage bags are just superior. We like them a lot better. They’re made of silicone, so you can put them in the microwave and the dishwasher and boiling water. They’re a good size—big enough to fit a whole salmon fillet. And they’re easy to close and open.