How To Become A Confident Public Speaker

If you ever had to give a best man speech at a wedding you will know already that preparing a public speech can be nerve-wracking. And, this is in front of family and friends. If you are having to stand before an unknown audience to talk and sound informed and knowledgeable, it can become overwhelming. Public speaking is a life skill and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing someone who has mastered it, the message can be inspiring and motivating. This is one of the reasons we choose to disseminate information to each this way. A good speaker who is in touch with his audience can reach the parts a video can not. If you are aspiring to being someone others are happy to come and hear talk, perhaps some hints and tips on how to be a successful and confident public speaker are in order.

man giving a speach

Face Your Fears

The biggest hurdle in the way of achieving anything is your own inner fear. So the first and foremost thing to do is identify them. Dig down deep and find out what it is preventing you from stepping up onto the stage or making you hesitant in front of an audience. Ask yourself when and why you stumble on your lines or your voice become shaky.

This inner fear could be anything from the fear of rejection to a fear of being mocked. You can be afraid of embarrassing yourself or not being able to deliver the actual message with the import it merits. Whatever the fear may be the only way to tackle it is to face it. Accept your fears and analyze why this particular thing or aspect bothers you.

For instance, if you have a fear of embarrassing yourself then ask yourself why do I have this fear? In what way could I embarrass myself? If you have identified the barriers to your success you can begin to address them proactively with simple things like workable notes.

Some people are scared of being alone on the stage. The very thought of being the sole focus of attention makes them shiver and sweat. Here the need is to recognize why you are on the stage and recognize that you do have a message people want to hear and focus on that.

man holding a microphone

Attain A Positive Attitude

Positivity is the key to success. Until and unless you develop a positive attitude about what you are doing and reject the negative thoughts you will not become a confident public speaker. The skill is to learn how to filter out the negative thoughts and highlight the positive. This takes some practice but is achievable. So if you are feeling nervous or find yourself fearing rejection, instead of paying heed to these negative thoughts, focus on your strengths and positive attributes. satisfy yourself by remembering you have been asked to speak therefore your message must be worth sharing.

Focus On Presentation

The way you present yourself matters not only for your audience but also for boosting your confidence. How you are dressed is one crucial element of self-presentation. If you look good, you feel good. Always dress up in formal attire when preparing to speak publicly to an audience. A good suit that fits well gives an inner feeling of self-worth. Although comfort is important, it is more important to dress appropriately to inspire confidence in your listeners about the message you are delivering.

speaker at the conference

Create A Mental Image Of The Event

Forming a mental image beforehand let us rehearse and predict the outcome of the real event. It is an established technique. Picture a successful outcome where you are delivering the speech with zest and full confidence. This will help boost your morale. Then try to analyze the elements leading up to the success in your visualization. Focus on how you were presenting your point of view, your expression and stance in your mental image. Focusing on these elements will help you prepare mentally for the real event. Play the event repeatedly in your mind and keep mentally improving the lacking areas and making changes where needed.

Along with positively picturing the event, picture the possible pitfalls too. This will not negate your confidence but instead, it will give you a chance to rehearse how to cope or cover up any embarrassing moments. Visualization has long been an accepted technique for overcoming emotional barriers and with only a little practice does help with achieving successful outcomes.