china water purifications

Chinese scientists have made a new membrane material which can accurately separate salt from water and has other water purification functions.

The news of water purification functions by China was published in the Science magazine on Friday.

A research program made by professor Zhang Lin at Zhejiang University made the membrane formed by nanoscale bubbles and tubes as semicircular-shaped “tents” covering the membrane. The space between these “tents” lessen resistance to water penetration, allowing water to permeate three to four times faster than old membrane for water purification.

“Nanofiltration is currently one of the most advanced methods to process water at very low cost. It will play a vital role in the fields like industrial water reuse, home water purification, rainfall resources utilization as well as brackish water treatment,” said Zhang.

Chinese says that this research is ready for commercialization

Zhang has likened the function of the membranes to the interior of the mammalian intestine as it can absorb water and nutrition.

China is making many products to give benefits to its people of the country.

According to the latest research of China. Some scientists in China has made a new system of water purifications. This is the latest system in China which can purify water according to the new method. This method can easily separate salt from water and other bacteria.

There were many old water purification methods used by some countries like boiling water and water filtration. Some also say that boiling water can decrease benefits of water.

Other Ways of Water Purifications

Water Chlorination

This is an emergency water purification where water can be made pure for drinking by clearing the water with liquid household chlorine bleach. Household bleach is usually between 5% and 6% chlorine, and this is a big oxidant that easily kills many harmful micro-organisms.




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