When it comes to placing TVs outside, what are the benefits of outdoor TV cabinets rather than weatherproof TVs, regular cabinets, DIY makeshift TV cases, etc.? If you’ve started doing some research and have seen the options out there, this question may seem like a mind-boggling question. Outdoor TV cabinets are extremely popular because they offer a truly comprehensive all-in-one solution for placing TVs outside. This post provides a simple breakdown and highlights the benefits of outdoor TV cabinets (also called outdoor TV enclosures or outdoor TV cases).

Benefits of Outdoor TV Enclosures

Enjoy any TV, technology, and media devices

Outdoor TV enclosures like The TV Shield allow you to watch, protect, weatherproof and secure any off-the-shelf TV in almost any environment. This means you can place a TV with the best of the best latest technology on your patio or in your yard. Plus, you can also house media players, cable boxes, amplifiers, and the like within the same weatherproof TV enclosure as your TV and connect all of that to your Wi-Fi. On the other hand, if you got an outdoor TV and wanted to add any media devices, you’d have to start from square one to figure out how to protect it outdoors.

Weatherproof TVs can’t protect your media players. Outdoor TVs are expensive and limited to the technology they have at the time of production. And regular outdoor cabinets aren’t built with the necessary features to protect a regular TV from moisture, hot or cold temperatures, and other outdoor threats.

True and lasting weatherproofing

We all know electronics don’t mix well with high heat, cold temperatures, moisture, rain, and other weather conditions. So, of course, weather is typically the primary consideration when placing a TV outside. Outdoor TV enclosures are popular because they offer true complete protection. Not only are they sealed to defend TVs against moisture intrusion and water damage, but they also offer fan and heater options.

Simply placing a regular TV in a regular cabinet (as opposed to a TV enclosure) outside would not offer this weatherproofing. And while outdoor TVs sometimes allow for insulation against the cold and allow airflow to reduce humidity, they simply can’t hold the same level of cooling and heating within the TV itself that can be provided on the exterior by an enclosure. In addition, outdoor TV enclosures offer corrosion resistance against saltwater air, making them very popular in coastal areas.

Impact resistance (even while viewing the TV) and longevity

Some outdoor TV cases have solid front covers that obstruct the view of the TV. They need to be removed in order to see the TV which leaves the TV at risk of being damaged during viewing. However, the best outdoor TV enclosures are built with stronger materials such as guaranteed not to crack, thick, shatterproof ultra-clear grade Lexan® polycarbonate (the same material used in bullet proof glass, racecar, and spacecraft windshields). Theoretically, an outdoor TV is comprised of a stronger front screen than an average TV, but the materials aren’t as durable as those of enclosures and extremely expensive to repair when struck by flying objects during storms or even just when children throw baseballs in the yard.

The housing and build of outdoor TV enclosures is also impressive. The best are manufactured with HMWPE (High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene) plastic which is an outdoor plastic proven to last 20 years or more and is used in outdoor children’s slides as well as powder-coated lightweight aluminum and steel.

Security and wildlife protection

Whether the concern is potential theft or little critters like insects chewing on wiring, enclosures provide enhanced protection. Not all TV enclosures provide the same level of security, but the best offer metal chambered and keyed locks which prevent theft, tampering, and vandalism of your television. From bugs burrowing inside of, or eating, electronic components, to pests nesting on units, many creatures pose a threat to TVs placed outside. Outdoor TV cabinets are completely sealed to ward off such threats.

Investment and affordability

Not only are enclosures an affordable alternative to outdoor TVs but they offer added benefits. Outdoor TV enclosures themselves cost much less than outdoor TVs in a few ways. Shoppers can pair low cost regular indoor TVs with the enclosures to save dollars upfront. In addition, TV cases are built out of materials like HMWPE (High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene) outdoor plastic which is estimated to last 20 years or more. This means you make a one-time investment in a weatherproof TV enclosure that lasts a very long time, rather than making a big upfront investment in an outdoor TV that doesn’t last as long and has to be replaced. Your one-time investment in an outdoor TV enclosure means you can use that enclosures for as long as 20 or more years and swap out TVs inside of it as needed. You’ve solved your TV protection concern long-term.

Whether it be harsh climates, rain, snow, thrown baseballs in the yard, pests, or other threats, outdoor TV enclosures are the perfect full protection solution for placing TVs outside.

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