While many heavy data users rejoiced when digital telco Circles.Life disrupted the market with their plans, the firm has just announced that they have launched a plan catered to users that consume less data instead.

Priced at just $5, the new ‘$5 Plan’ gives consumers 2GB worth of data per month, along with 50 minutes of talktime and 25 SMSes.

Said Delbert Ty, Circles.Life’s Head of Marketing: “During the past 3 years, we have changed the average data use from 4GB to 12GB/ month through our Base Plan.”

“While this serves people who need a lot of data, there are those who are looking for a great experience but don’t need that much data. We are launching the $5 Plan to give people more power through options that enable them to control their telco needs.”

Customers will also be able to customise their plans and opt for boost options – 1GB for $8, 2GB for $12, 30 minutes talktime for $5 or 200 minutes of talktime and free incoming calls for $10.

Do note though, that phones, roaming, and unlimited data are only 
available with 20GB Base Plan sign-ups.

  • Find out more about the $5 plan here.

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