What is Bitcoin

If you want to know what is Bitcoin or what its uses. I will tell you complete info about it. I will also tell you how it can help you. How you can make profit from this.


You can make Transcatoins with this. A long life of  16 digit security code sent to your customer. The purchaser Decodes  the code by using his smartphone.

Shopping with Bitcoin

Like other payment methods you can shop online and buy anything by using this. You just need an account of this with a blance for shopping.


When you send the money by this to anyone then it becomes irreversible. If you send money to a wrong person and you want to get back your money then it is not possible for you to do this.No one can help you in this matter.Even the president of your country cannot help you in this matter.


It is not necessary to show your identity to anyone when you are using this. In other payment methods like bank accounts, you are required to give complete personal information. Funny thing about this is that you cannot tell to anyone about Bitcoin main point or office or any other location. It is just you are using on the website and it is the game of numbers and money.

Fast Transactions

Bitcoin Transactions are very fast,Sent,and are confirmed very soon. You just need login your account and make a transaction.

Secure System

Bitcoin funds are secured with a private key. Only the owner of the private key can send money.  The address of this is very secure than another. You also need to secure your info by changing your address and using different wallets.

Government Taxes and Rules

The government requires you to pay taxes on your transactions and income. The rule is different from country to country. Some countries are banning this.

Advantages of Bitcoin

This is free from government interference. When you send money to anyone by this there is no exchange rate. You can start accepting this instantly without any big investment. There is no refund from the purchaser.


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